Save Money on Car Parts

Prices at the junkyard are a mere fraction of what they would cost new at a retail store. Fix your car for pennies to the dollar. If you know what to look for, you can even make a lot of money reselling parts.

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Track Days for Cheap

If you're a car nut but have a hard time justifying $200 and up prices for upgrades, check out the junkyard for aftermarket mods.  I was able to finally go road racing with my own car because of the junkyard.

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Our Main Goal

JunkyardHowTo.com's goal is to give those of us that love hunting for treasures at the junkyard a place to talk to others that love doing the same.  We want to share stories, rare finds and useful tips and tricks that can save us time and help us avoid headaches when at the junkyard.

Also, the information shared in this community will help out anyone that has ever tried to save money on car repairs.  You can now have the junkyard as another option to get you back on the road without emptying your bank account.


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Hop on over to the junkyardhowto.com forums and share your thoughts on anything junkyard related.  Learn, teach or do both...